Hello there! I am Camille, a.k.a Attorney Mommy.

I am the wife of Joen, mommy of Juliana (teenager) and Calia (pre-schooler), an attorney-at-law in the Philippines, and a young at heart dreamer.

You must be looking for a specific topic about love, family, kids, working mom and maybe some random legal stuff  and eventually reached this site. Feel free to browse on what I have written so far. I just started this blog last October 2018 and it is constantly evolving (bear with me!). But what I aim is to consistently provide meaningful and relevant content to all my readers. That puts a heavy weight on my shoulders but I will do my very best. Haha!

Simply put, here you will see a glimpse of my own little world as I juggle my family life with a full-time career in the legal world and a whole lot more.

Welcome to my blog!

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