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I Got Lucky at Tender Bob’s

(Photo grabbed from Tender Bob's Facebook page @TenderBobs)

I truly believe that I am the one in our family blessed with a lucky / winning streak. My family, friends and colleagues could attest to this. There are a number of instances in the past where I had won in different raffles, and I brought home either the minor or  major prize. It brings me so much delight every time I win! Swerte!

It has been awhile since I had won anything. A few weeks ago, however, I got a notification on my Facebook account with the announcement that I won the weekly contest sponsored by Tender Bob’s. Yey!

You see, a few weeks back, my family and I had lunch at Tender Bob’s in Greenhills. We’ve been meaning to try this restaurant out but it was only then that we had the opportunity. Little did I know that we were on for a treat!

One of the waitresses showed us a flyer about their on going contest. I readily took a picture of it and read the mechanics on how to join the raffle. All I had to do was send a photo entry and follow the rest of the instructions. And so I did. One photo will be selected weekly winning P2,000 Tender Bob’s GCs.

Below is the photo we took and submitted for the raffle.

We were so famished we didn’t have a photo with all the sumptuous food we ordered. Photo was taken after dinner, with our tummies full and extremely satisfied. Isn’t it obvious? Haha.

Weeks have passed and I already forgot all about it until I received a message from Tender Bob’s congratulating me for winning that week’s raffle. I remember it was Saturday morning around 9, I was scrolling on my phone and voila! Below post suddenly appeared in my newsfeed.

Actual post from Tender Bob’s FB page last March 23, 2019

What a surprise! I won just a few days after my birthday. What a wonderful post-birthday treat!

And the winner is… Attorney Mommy! Woohoo!

And so, I brought my family back at Tender Bob’s Greenhills the next weekend. We had a feast for sure! Look at all the yummy food we devoured. This time I made sure I took photos. Haha!

Oriental Chicken Salad
US Beef Salpicao
Country Fried Chicken
Tropical Salmon. My new favorite!!!

I have nothing but praises for Tender Bob’s. Not just because I won their GCs… but because all the dishes we have tried were superb! As in! If you don’t believe me, visit any Tender Bob’s branch and try it for yourself.

You can also visit Tender Bob’s Facebook page here to know their latest menus and promos.

Thanks for reading! This is Attorney Mommy, at your service!


Hello! I am Camille, a.k.a Attorney Mommy. I am a happy wife, a proud mom, and a full time attorney. I feel blessed that I am able to take care of my family while I practice my profession. I see to it that I enjoy and have fun in whatever I do. This blog keeps me sane, alive and excited for greater things ahead. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts!

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